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RYOKI ENERGY CO., LTD (hereinafter RYOKI ENERGY) was established on Sep. 2013 to enter the electric power business with the renewable energy power plants.
We are a group company of RYOKI KOGYO CO., LTD. which is HVAC system engineering company in Kanazawa, Ishikawa pref.

Corporate Profile
 Corporate Name           RYOKI ENERGY CO.,LTD.
 Head Office                  10-7, Mikagemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 921-8021 Japan
 Founded                       September 12, 2013
 Capital                         10 million yen
 Management                Masaichiro Kitagawa, President

We generate a sustainable, clean and safe energy for society

RYOKI ENERGY was established on September 2013 to enter the electric power business. The aim of RYOKI ENERGY is to contribute for society as generating a sustainable, clean and safe energy. We decided to install a renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, safe and long-term affordable.


We get down to photovoltaic power plant

First of all, we got down to business of photovoltaic power plant and started to examine the photovoltaic power business. In the autumn of 2014, we finally completed Kitaibaraki-Umi (Ibaraki pref.) and Nanao (Ishikawa pref.) photovoltaic power plants and started to generate a clean power for society.

Subsequently we completed Kitaibaraki-Mori (Ibaraki pref.), Chonan (Chiba pref.), Houdatsu (Ishikawa pref.), Ayagawa (Kagawa pref.), Makabe (Ibaraki pref.) and Suzu (Ishikawa pref.) photovoltaic power plant in 2015 and 2016.

We are now operating 11 photovoltaic power plants and a total electrical output power is approximately 28MW. Currently we now planning a new power plant project not only photovoltaic power but also other renewable power.


Solar Energy Makabe Photovoltaic Power Plant

Solar Energy Makabe Photovoltaic Power Plant (hereinafter SE Makabe) is the largest in our plants. SE Makabe is located in Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki pref. and this site was previously a golf course.

The output of electrical power is 14.52MW (ex. The output of solar power is 17.075MW) and the number of solar panels are 66,960. We connect to the extra high voltage power transmission line and we sell all electrical power as using a Feed-in tariff scheme.

Solar Energy Makabe Photovoltaic Power Plant


Our scope in the future…

RYOKI ENERGY is challenging other projects. We have only photovoltaic power plants at present, however we are planning to develop another renewable energy plant such as wind power and so on. We examine the power supply as the electric power retailer and the support for municipality to provide energy as stadtwerke. We are trying to accomplish a sustainable society to provide a renewable energy power from now on.